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Thank you for visiting the Patient Care Quality Review Boards online.

The PCQRB’s 2019/20 and 2020/21 data and recommendations can be found in the Ministry of Health’s omnibus report. Any questions about the report can be directed to Government Communications and Public Engagement.

We review concerns from patients and their representatives about the policies and procedures that guide health authority services. This can include services provided by a health authority through a contracted agency, as well as services that someone expected to receive from a health authority but did not.

Each of the five regional health authorities and the Provincial Health Services authority have a Patient Care Quality Office (PCQO). The health authority PCQO is the first step for an investigation into concerns about health authority services. We review any concerns still outstanding after the PCQO response, including concerns about the PCQO response itself.

As a result of our reviews, we may make recommendations to a health authority or to the Ministry of Health for how to improve the way that services are provided or concerns from patients are handled. If we receive a concern that we cannot review, we will direct you to any investigative or regulatory body that can.

If you have already been to your health authority’s PCQO, you can request a review of outstanding concerns from us.

If you have not yet been to your health authority’s PCQO, you can contact them to investigate your concerns.

We are legislated by the Patient Care Quality Review Board Act, which you can read online in full at BC Laws. You can also read about our board members online at the Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Patient Care Quality Review Boards
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