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The Review Process

If you would like the us to review your outstanding concerns following a health authority Patient Care Quality Office response, you must submit a review request form or call 1-866-952-2448.

Once the review board receives your request, you will receive confirmation within five business days that your request has been received and whether your concerns are within our jurisdiction.

If your review request is accepted, the health authority Patient Care Quality Office will be notified that a review of their response is being conducted, and they will be asked to provide a copy of the information relating to your concerns.

We will gather all the relevant facts and background information regarding your concerns, and will forward this information to a panel of review board members for their consideration.

The review board is expected to complete their review within a maximum of 120 business days. If the review cannot be completed within that timeframe, both you and the health authority will be notified.

Once the review is complete, we will send you and the health authority a final report. If recommendations have been made by the review board following their review of your complaint, a copy of these will also be sent to the Minister of Health so that the ministry and health authority can work together to consider the implementation of those recommendations.

The health authority will also contact you to discuss the review board's final report.